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What to expect while having your tax return prepared

We are using three different business models for tax year 2021.

All sites will prepare tax returns BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  No walk-ins will be accepted.

Most sites will require that tax payers wear masks the entire time they are at the site.  Please see the site’s page for any site specifics.

All Tax-Aide volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and the volunteers will wear masks as well.  Plexiglass dividers and social distancing will be in force to keep everyone as safe as possible.

The differences in the business models are explained below.

Basic similarities are:

  • The taxpayer must come with their tax documents and a completed pre-appointment package of documents that can be downloaded (link to be added here) or picked up at the tax site beforehand
  • The taxpayer will be interviewed by a Tax-Aide volunteer to collect all of the information necessary to complete their tax return
  • The taxpayer will then either physically leave the site or move to an assigned waiting area while their return in being prepared.  Denville and Morristown will make appointments for the taxpayer to return the next week to pick up their completed return.  Taxpayers must be available, by phone, for any questions that may arise.
  • Tax documents will be either scanned and returned to the taxpayer or left at the tax site.  The documents will be carefully inventoried and securely stored so that everyone is confident that they are ALL returned to the taxpayer once the return is completed

SAME DAY DROP OFF (used by most locations)

The taxpayer makes an appointment, completes a pre-appointment package of documents, comes to the site with their tax documents for their intake interview, leaves their documents with the counselor and also leaves the site, returns to the site on the same day to review their return, sign the e-file authorization and receive a paper copy of their return as well as their original tax documents.  Returns will be prepared on site.

TWO DAY DROP OFF (for Morristown Senior Center)

Similar to same day drop off except the taxpayer returns to the site to pick up their return on a different day.  Returns will be prepared on site on the day the taxpayer is interviewed and drops off their tax documents.

TWO VISIT SCAN (for Denville Municipal Building)

This is similar to the two day drop off except that the taxpayer has their tax documents scanned and does not leave any tax documents at the site.  Returns are prepared and quality reviewed remotely by volunteer counselors at home.